High Current Cables
Welding Quick Disconnect Terminal
Welding quick disconnect terminal. Tested 200M ohm minimum resistance. 6.5"L sheath, 0.835" inside diameter, 1.25" outside diameter. Brass terminal end, 0.68" outside diameter, 0.34" inside diameter, partial thread x 0.44"W. NOS. New in the box. Mil-spec surplus - Navy. Made in the USA. Sealed in wrapper. DC: 1968. NSN: 5940-00-196-2289.
$35 each
55' Extra Heavy Duty Single Conductor Cable
55' extra heavy duty single conductor cable. 500 guage stranded wire. Crimped and soldered. Lug on each end with 1/2 bolt hole. 63 lbs. Only 1 available!
1/O Welding Cable
(WHS) MIL-C-915/20D
1/O welding cable. 600v. 0.717" outside diameter. NSN: 6145-00-943-7407.
$1.50 each - $1.35 (25+), $1.20 (100+), $1 (250+)
3 Conductor 100 Foot Cable
Carol WT-26
(WHS) CX7453A
Three (3) conductor, 100 foot cable. Carol WT-26. U-237B/G connector. Military spec MIL-C-55483. Two (2) 4 AWG (white / black), One (1) 6 AWG (green). Includes mating / locking sexless connectors (i.e. They fit one another). Includes dust caps.

NOTE: Each conductor uses 2 opposing pins on connector. 1 set of pins is unused. Reliable, high current connection made under any conditions. Purchase multiple cables to daisy-chain a longer run. Cut a cable in half to create two 50 foot pigtails to wire one end into equipment and leave one connector to mate with extensions.
$495 each
Stranded Copper Wire
(WHS) 10914183
10 foot, 1/O Stranded Copper Wire. 1 conductor mating "22-7" connectors. Rubber jacket. Cut the cable & have a pigtail in both directions.

Mil Spec # M13486 / 1-14
$75 each